Handbook Compliance & Integrity Management published by Wolters Kluwer

This first handbook on Compliance & Integrity Management is a new milestone of the post-doctoral Executive Master Program in Compliance & Integrity Management.

25-08-2017 | 14:30

Under the enthusiastic editorship of Sylvie Bleker-van Eyk and Raf Houben, the book provides a wealth of information on the expanding field of compliance and integrity management as well as much yearned-for in-depth analysis. However, the book also holds valuable insights for daily practice.

The handbook deals with compliance and integrity management in general, and studies compliance from a risk perspective. Some capita selecta such as anti-bribery or export controls are described because of their general importance to compliance. However, because this book is to be used in the post-doctoral program, some minor parts describe compliance issues from a European perspective, such as the part on the extraterritorial jurisdiction of US legislation. This book follows the lines of the post-doctoral Executive Master Program in Compliance & Integrity Management at VU Amsterdam, but hopefully will be of assistance to all compliance officers worldwide in setting up the compliance function in their organization.

In this book, compliance is viewed through the basic principles of the following knowledge areas: Ethics, Behavioral sciences, Change management, Risk management, Business administration, Accounting, and Law: Public law, Private law, European and International law.

The Handbook is available at the VU Boekhandel book store and at Wolters Kluwer.