PGO Investment Management organizes masterclasses for 320 investment professionals

The masterclasses for 320 DSI-certified investment professionals will commence on Wednesday 17 May. They are being presented by VBA investment professionals, in cooperation with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam’s PGO Investment Management. Johan Wempe and Arjen Siegmann, both lecturers at VU Amsterdam, will be presenting one of the components of this masterclass series.

16-05-2017 | 14:51

DSI (Expertise, Screening and Integrity) Certified investment professionals are required to take compulsory annual tests to maintain their certification. Two years ago, the PGO Investment Management was closely involved in another masterclass, for more than 200 investment analysts. This test is drawn up by independent committees consisting of experienced practitioners from within the sector and related areas. Candidates for this test must first complete a mandatory masterclass, consisting of three components:

1. Insider knowledge and market manipulation
2. Integrity and professional conduct
3. Subject-related and general technical development

This year, the ‘Integrity and professional conduct’ component is being presented by two members of staff at VU Amsterdam, Johan Wempe (Professor of Ethics) and Arjen Siegmann (Associate Professor of Financial Economics). This workshop first examines mechanisms and factors that can hinder ethical conduct and lead to moral blindness or moral muteness. It then proceeds to seek ways of overcoming obstacles. At the end of the workshop, the participants can formulate their own ideas about how they may be able to act more effectively than they had initially thought. Tom Loonen, Professor of PGO Investment Management, is responsible for the content of the programme.