Toelatingseisen en aanmelden

Toelatingseisen en aanmelden

This is not just another leadership programme. This course will help you to investigate and apply the latest insights on Servant-Leadership, a powerful vehicle for the 21st Century organization. In recent years, the term ‘Servant Leadership’ has become more popular, but what does it describe? Servant-Leadership is a leadership principle embedded in a way of life that has been recognized and expounded upon in all parts of the world since ancient times, and across all cultures. In its simplest form, Servant-Leadership is driven by the motivation to enable others to work more effectively and be successful. Servant-Leadership thus means leading a group or organization in the service of people: clients, customers, employees, or members of your network. The more you serve, the more you lead fellow servers. Integrating both head and heart, Servant-Leadership expands into the principle of serving a community and acting as a steward of the environment and all that inhabit it (Trompenaars & Voerman, 2009). We should not underestimate the concept of Servant-Leadership in making organizations sustainable for the future. 

SERVUS is dedicated to share the interest and capabilities of a Servant-Leadership approach in organizations through strengthening the knowledge and research of Servant-Leadership best practices. The creation of the Servant-Leadership Research Program is one of the stepping-stones to achieve this, according to the Servant Leadership principles of co-creating. Therefore, field (re)search on how Servant-Leadership can bring meaning to your organization will be a vital part of the course experience. A unique combination of: the latest insights on Servant-Leadership, a community project and in-company business experience will provide research-based outcomes. This will provide guidance on how to practice and nourish Servant-Leadership in your own organization.  

Participants can expect intensive dialogues with professors and peers, stimulating workshops and practice cases, fieldwork in a community project with a cross-company team and the opportunity to research an organizational leadership challenge within your own organization.

For admission at least 5 years of experience in a leadership role is required.

For registration please contact Sylvia van de Bunt 020-598-6105,