Management and Leadership

SBE Executive Education is a primary provider of post-graduate and executive education for the next generation of leaders, who aspire to make a lasting impact in the global financial and business services industries.

Founded by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the 1990s to serve the professional development needs of accountants, controllers and financial managers working in Amsterdam and its surroundings, nowadays the school caters to a much broader and diverse executive audience. Moreover, with its perfect proximity to Schiphol international airport, our school is an attractive executive education location for executives who pursue global careers and are stationed abroad.

We offer a broad range of executive education programmes, including an Executive PhD programme, internationally accredited part-time Masters (in business administration, change management, and marketing), open enrolment and customized solution programmes. To accommodate the learning and development needs of the international and diverse group of participants, we offer programmes in both Dutch and English language.

Why should you choose one of our programmes?

  • We have more than 20 years of experience in providing excellent executive and post-graduate education.
  • Internationally, we stand out by addressing business issues from change management, innovation and entrepreneurship perspectives.
  • Our module-based Part-time Executive PhD programme allows participation of executives from all parts of the world.  
  • Our faculty is seen by the international QANU research committee as ‘excellent’, a rating that places us among the best two research faculties in the Netherlands in 2015.
  • Our participants represent a diversity of cultural and professional backgrounds.
  • A broad network of global companies support and send their participants to our programmes.