Aim and positioning

The postgraduate executive program is meant 

  • Accelerate your career in the treasury and corporate finance profession;
  • Catalyze your development towards becoming an expert in Treasury Management & Corporate Finance.

The main objective of the program is the development of professional expertise – knowledge AND professional skills in Treasury Management and Corporate Finance. This allows to discover unconventional developments, thinking out of the box and high level discussions with senior management/board members, which boosts career developments and makes work enjoyable.

This postgraduate program clearly differentiates from the well-known ACT/CFA certificate programs, which can be characterized by acquiring technical knowledge, on-line examination, and training sessions for the on-line exam. This postgraduate program aims to stimulate development as an academic professional: mixing academic level of thinking with a focus on solving real cases in the field of treasury management and corporate finance. To make this happen the program is at an academic master level, much time is spent in interactive sessions with various academic and professional experts in the field of treasury management and corporate finance. This postgraduate educational design is unique in treasury management education.

Who is it aimed at?

The programme focuses primarily on large non-financial companies and organisations in both the commercial and (semi) public sector.

It attracts not only corporate treasurers but also bankers, consultants and supervisors supporting corporate finance departments.

Most participants already hold an MSc degree. The minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree, with admissions tests in corporate finance and mathematics.  Participants generally have three years’ relevant experience.

Demanding knowledge and skills for Treasury & Corporate Finance professionals

The curriculum of the postgraduate Treasury Management & Corporate Finance program is designed to meet the current requirements in knowledge and skills for treasury and corporate finance professionals.

The required  solid profile  can be described as follows:

  • Thorough technical knowledge on financial instruments in risk management and corporate finance.
  • Skills in the assessment of corporate financial risks and the design of hedging strategies.
  • Knowledge of current developments in corporate capital markets and the range of possible corporate financing options. 
  • Skills in corporate security design.
  • Detailed (ICT) knowledge of treasury systems to keep track with fast developments in this field.
  • Insight knowledge in legal, fiscal and accounting consequences of choices in treasury solutions.
  • Multidisciplinary overview of all sub-disciplines in corporate financial management.
  • Specific knowledge and skills to run a treasury & corporate finance department.
  • Skills to act as an advisor and discussion partner for top management.