Why become a chartered financial analyst?

CFA students describe the programme at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

‘The advantage of the CFA programme at VU Amsterdam is that you have that weekly routine of studying the material – during the lectures and seminars, and while you are preparing for them.’

'It helped me a lot, especially the contact with the lecturers. The lecturers make the programme manageable by giving you study advice and emphasizing the most important aspects. I was also able to ask them specific questions.’

'The lectures are a good way to test whether you have fully mastered the material. The final three-day training session means that you’ve already had the chance to practise for the exam under examination conditions.’

'CFA is a self-study programme, so normally you would have very limited contact with the other CFA students. However, the programme at VU Amsterdam means you can get to know other people studying for the CFA exams. This not only makes it more interesting to study, but also means there are opportunities to socialize and build your network.'
‘As far as I’m concerned, the CFA programme at VU Amsterdam is an absolute must if you want to pass the exam.’

Why study at VU Amsterdam?

The CFA programme was originally intended as a self-study programme. Both the CFA Institute itself and other institutions now offer extensive online self-study packages, consisting of notes, study guides, online examination questions and answers, videos and CDs. Despite this, it appears that passing the exams within three years is challenging, and there is a demand for candidates to prepare in a structured classroom setting. Since September 2000, VU Amsterdam has been offering candidates support in preparing for the CFA exams.

Advantages of CFA at VU Amsterdam:

•    A structured, classroom approach.
•    Scope to ask questions.
•    Lots of practice examination assignments.
•    Intensive three-day examination training.
•    Studying at a reputable institution with extensive experience in education.
•    Education by expert lecturers with knowledge of the CFA programme and practical experience.
•    Studying alongside other people in your profession and expanding your network.