Admission Requirements

The CFA Institute requires a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) for admission to the CFA examinations.

To take part in the programme at VU Amsterdam, a minimum of an HBO-level degree is required. Only in exceptional cases – following an intake interview and based on professional experience and possibly other criteria – may candidates who do not meet this requirement be admitted.

It takes a minimum of two and a half years to obtain the title of CFA. The CFA I examinations are held twice a year (in June and December), and the CFA II and III examinations are only held in June. The higher-level CFA examinations can only be taken once the lower levels have been passed successfully.

The title of CFA

In addition to the Bachelor’s degree or equivalent entry level, three further requirements must be fulfilled in order to obtain the title of CFA. The first requirement is to pass the three CFA examinations. The second is a minimum of three years professional experience in a relevant position. The third is compliance with the ethical and professional standards set by the CFA Institute.

To obtain and retain the title of CFA, it is necessary to become a member of the CFA Institute.