Advanced Programme

Advanced Programme

The Advanced Programme is aimed at educating those financial auditors who have successfully completed the Basic Programme and who are already dealing with organisations that deploy IT on a large scale. They are keen to find out more about the risks related to technological developments – especially when it concerns financial processes and the related processing of information – and they strive to engage frequently with IT auditors. In 28 full days we will expand your IT knowledge and provide you with the knowledge you need to initiate IT audits with the right objective and scope in order to better fit the purpose and meet the specific needs of an organisation.
Participants will be educated to operate in large-scale IT environments. These practitioners will also learn how to initiate IT audits with the right objective and scope to ensure that the audits’ outcomes will better fit their purpose and consequently better meet the specific needs.
The programme concerns specific aspects of IT with the goal of expanding the participants’ knowledge of IT in more detail. Spread over 28 days, the programme involves lectures, workshops and course work and consists of the six main modules described briefly below.
The next course wil start in November 2019.
Except for original Dutch literature, all course materials will be in English. Course language will be Dutch, English courses are on request.

Attention is given to risks from a business and technological perspective that can negatively impact the processing and provision of information in organisations. Subjects discussed include identity and access management, business continuity management, and risk management methods. Besides this the concepts of Cloud, Cyber, and Dev Ops are covered.

• Governance of enterprise IT. Duration: 11 days.
• Independent study. Duration: 1 day.

A high-end IT company is dealing with problems in their relationship with the financial auditor. A Real-life case is given and students are asked to pitch their solutions.

• Company Visit. Duration: 1 day.
• Independent study. Duration: 1 day.

Rules have an increasing impact on the world of an IT-Auditor. The different aspects of privacy & forensics are covered. Moreover, what to do as a specialist in a court room.

• Regulatory & Compliance. Duration: 5 days.
• Independent study. Duration: 1 day.

The Advanced Programme concludes with an exam. Those who pass the exam will be issued a certificate granting them access to the next level: the Expert Programme.