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The executive education programme at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The Executive Programme in Digital Auditing is the first programme specifically created for financial auditors. This technology programme offered by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) bridges the gap between the worlds of financial auditing and IT auditing and will enable you to function effectively and successfully in a future that is mainly driven by technological developments.

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IT affects everything

In our fast-evolving global economy, IT now affects virtually every sector. Organisations are struggling to create, run and govern dynamic and adaptive digital environments to ensure their digital presence, renew their business models and approach the market in new ways, so as to positively influence the customer experience. They actively seek flexible services and solutions based on modern technologies such as cloud computing and big data.

Audit challenges

The challenge organisations face is that different levels of access to these vital, geographically spread out infrastructures and core data sources are usually outsourced to third parties. This puts them at risk of potentially serious human error or malicious or even criminal activities with undesired if not devastating consequences. The possible impact could be instantaneous and obvious or extremely subtle, causing disruptive downtime of IT systems or the life-threatening destruction of critical infrastructures.

Embrace technology

These challenges are forcing financial auditors to embrace if not master new technologies. It is no longer enough to merely offer audits of financial statements. Now you need to be a ‘future proof’ accounting and finance professional and the trusted partner of digital-minded board members.

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The must knows

The Executive Programme in Digital Auditing introduces you to the ‘must knows’ of digitisation. It shows you the way in the digital world, familiarising you with IT-related concepts, issues, concerns and risks. It advances your knowledge about technology and trains you to keep up with its fascinating and continually changing future. Finally, it paves the way for you to earn the title of Registered EDP Auditor (RE).

Het volgen van de masterclass Digital Auditing levert 56 PE-punten op. De programma's Advanced en Expert (=2e en 3e jaar ITACA) staan gelijk aan 112 PE-punten.
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