Digital Auditing

A new executive education programme at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The Executive Programme in Digital Auditing is the first programme specifically created for financial auditors. This technology programme offered by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) bridges the gap between the worlds of financial auditing and IT auditing and will enable you to function effectively and successfully in a future that is mainly driven by technological developments.

IT affects everything

In our fast-evolving global economy, IT now affects virtually every sector. Organisations are struggling to create, run and govern dynamic and adaptive digital environments to ensure their digital presence, renew their business models and approach the market in new ways, so as to positively influence the customer experience. They actively seek flexible services and solutions based on modern technologies such as cloud computing and big data.

Audit challenges

The challenge organisations face is that different levels of access to these vital, geographically spread out infrastructures and core data sources are usually outsourced to third parties. This puts them at risk of potentially serious human error or malicious or even criminal activities with undesired if not devastating consequences. The possible impact could be instantaneous and obvious or extremely subtle, causing disruptive downtime of IT systems or the life-threatening destruction of critical infrastructures.

Embrace technology

These challenges are forcing financial auditors to embrace if not master new technologies. It is no longer enough to merely offer audits of financial statements. Now you need to be a ‘future proof’ accounting and finance professional and the trusted partner of digital-minded board members.

The must knows

The Executive Programme in Digital Auditing introduces you to the ‘must knows’ of digitisation. It shows you the way in the digital world, familiarising you with IT-related concepts, issues, concerns and risks. It advances your knowledge about technology and trains you to keep up with its fascinating and continually changing future. Finally, it paves the way for you to earn the title of Registered EDP Auditor (RE).
Economie, Recht en Bestuur

Admission requirements
An MBA or a master’s degree in economy or accountancy obtained from a nationally or internationally accredited university and accompanied by the Dutch title of RA or an internationally equivalent title, e.g. CPA.

These eligibility requirements are designed to ensure that the individuals who are admitted to Executive Programme in Digital Auditing will be able to take full advantage of this programme. Applicants who do not meet these requirements will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

You would like to apply to the Executive Programme in Digital Auditing at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Take the first step in our application process by downloading our application form.

Download the application form

To complete the application process, please fill out the application form. You can digitally fill out the form and email it to

You will be required to submit the following items:

  1. The application form
  2. A detailed resume (CV) including specification of any industry certification you may have
  3. Copies of your master’s and/or accountancy degrees
  4. A digital photograph of yourself.

Need help?

If you need help at any stage of the application process don’t hesitate to contact Peter Eimers or Abbas Shahim.

Peter Eimers
Cell: +31 6 2224 7027

Abbas Shahim
Cell: +31 6 5384 9789

The Executive Programme in Digital Auditing consists of three interlinked parts: Basic, Advanced and Expert, all of which include today’s most critical, relevant, and interesting topics associated with auditing, IT and digital technology.

Part 1:
Are you already working as an auditor in the field of financial auditing? Then this is the place for you to start. In twelve full days over the course of a two-month period, we will refresh your primary IT skills through lectures, workshops, and course work. 

Part 2:
Are you currently dealing with organisations that depend on the deployment of IT and have you already successfully completed the Basic programme? Then why not join the Advanced programme?

In 24 full days over the course of a four-month period, we will expand your IT knowledge and provide you with the knowledge you need to initiate IT audits with the right objective and scope in order to better fit the purpose and meet the specific needs of an organisation. 

Part 3:
Are you an auditor who plans to pursue a career as an IT auditor? In that case, this nine-month programme is for you! You will be trained as a full IT auditor who can act in complex IT environments and execute a broad range of IT-related audit types, ranging from process audits to technology audits.

The Expert Programme consists of the remaining modules of IT Audit, Compliance, and Advisory (ITACA).

Benefits of studying Digital Auditing at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam:

  • Customised programme positioning technology in the heart of financial auditing
  • Interconnected and coherent curriculum with a clear structure
  • Flexibility to follow the whole programme at your convenience and finish the entire programme gradually
  • Lectures from professionals and thought leaders in their field
  • Blended learning approach, including interactive lectures, case studies and workshops
  • Special attention for auditing in small & medium sized entities and follow up of IT findings in the financial audit
  • A coaching programme for audit firms with three or more participants leveraging the IT knowledge into the firm’s audit practice
  • Opportunity to earn continuing professional education (CPE) credits
  • Possibility to add a new dimension to your future career
Target audience
Whether you have only just completed your training as a chartered accountant (RA), or you already have several years of experience in auditing practice, the Executive Programme in Digital Auditing is designed to increase your IT skills beyond your RA education and to help you become a ‘future proof’ auditor.

As part of the Basic and Advanced programme, we offer a coaching programme to audit firms with three or more participants leveraging the IT knowledge into the firm’s audit practice. Together with these participants we organise 2 coaching sessions with the audit firm management facilitating them to harvest the knowledge, skills and attitudes learned in the Digital Auditing programme.

For professionals
The programme parts can also be followed – partially or entirely – by other professionals


  • controllers
  • compliance auditors
  • risk managers
  • supervisors 
  • security officers
  • privacy officials 
  • operational auditors

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For more information about the programme and registration, please contact:
Ms Michelle Tang
+31 (0)20 598 9791

Post address
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
SBE, PGO Digital Auditing
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Do you have any questions about the Executive Programme in Digital Auditing? Contact Peter Eimers or Abbas Shahim:

Peter Eimers RA
– Professor of Auditing
– Partner PwC
Cell:       +31 6 2907 8187

Abbas Shahim RE
– Associate professor and Director of Studies of IT Audit
– Partner Atos Consulting & System Integration
Cell:       +31 6 5384 9789